Mission Trip To Haiti

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Mission Trip To Haiti

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Mission Trip To Haiti

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Yvonne Martel Sharing her experience of her time with the kids and adults at 

"Good Neighbor Orphanage" 

We all live our lives like rich Neighbor, we honestly have no idea how well we have it. The Good Neighbor Orphanage in Haiti houses approximately 20 kids who're parents were either killed in the earthquake or just abandoned. These kids will ultimately live there lives out in the orphanage.

The average person there makes $1 to $2 a day but a can of spam is around $8 dollars, so the Haitians strive day by day to get by. 94% of the people don't have running water, there is a trough that runs through the village that meets all there water needs_bathing, cooking, washing clothes and drinking. Before we came two boys traded off carrying 5-gallon buckets full of water over 800 feet (the length of 8 football fields) where there is a 100-gallon tank for holding water. It takes many trips for this big tank to be filled.

While we were there we worked on getting the water piped from the water source to the orphanage, by getting water closer it made it easier on everyone. Our goal for this project is to pump water from a holding tank into another tank filter it and pipe it to the orphanage.

School in Haiti cost around $200 per child. The orphanage through the church has a schooling program that is free to not only the kids there but to the kids nearby in other villages.

The next project on our list is to put the roof on the boy's dorm, and the school building. All of this is impossible without funds.

No gift is too small or unappreciated.

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Needs and how to help

Need people to volunter for arena(help in arena during events work on arena to get it ready for event...) Concession workers, help with timer and signup table

This year we need to get sponsers to help fund the series for 2017 and beyond. So there can be bigger prizes and mainetians of the arena.  

Ernest Martel


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